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I’m passionate about translation and about anything to do with communication. I have been an English to Spanish freelance translator since 2003, working from my studio (or anywhere else with a good connection speed).


Although I’m devoted to my profession, I find time for my hobbies. Some are lifelong interests, such as books and movies; my life would have been much duller without Saramago and Billy Wilder. Others, I have acquired over the years, such as graphic novels, my infatuations and fallings out with McNulty and Don Draper, and I have recently grown interested in video games and anything that involves Fumito Ueda.


Before doing what I do now, I had already led quite an interesting life. I graduated from High School in the US, not missing of course the prom. I spent some time in Dublin, living with an adorable old woman, and I also worked as an au-pair in Belgium. Meanwhile, for 13 years, I pursued my passion for classical ballet and Spanish dance, another form of communication.


As my days are spent in front of a screen, I disconnect by taking walks in the park, meeting up with friends and drinking tea like there is no tomorrow. Why not come and join me for a cup?


Somebody once told me “You’re such a people person.” Ever since then I’ve believed this really describes my way of doing things.

I love gift wrapping. Before I begin I think about the person it is for, their likes, their needs. Then I thoroughly scour the web (and the real world) until I find the perfect gift wrap. Doing the research is essential, but to make sure the gift is a real success, personalizing the wrapping is crucial. It needs to express sentiments, so I take as much time as the task requires.


I then inspect it all, checking for imperfections: the paper with nice sharp creases, the adornments well attached… Once finished, I take a picture of the gift wrap for my file to record the person’s tastes and perhaps to do it even better next time. I then deliver it on the right date, hoping to see a big smile on the receiver’s face.


Gift wrapping is just a hobby, so imagine how meticulous my method is when it comes to my work.


Translators often translate texts from a particular field, but on many occasions we need to work in a combination of various specialized areas. Over my career I have worked with a wide variety of subjects, acquiring considerable expertise along the way. However, through my daily work and continuous learning, I have specialized in the translation and localization of:

advertising and marketing
technical texts
Technological texts
software localization

I also offer proofreading and editing services in Spanish and Galician,

as well as English to Spanish sworn translation.


Working with other translators is essential to sharing experiences and to expanding our knowledge inside and outside each of our specialist fields. My key partners are:

belen carneiro
Belén Carneiro
Legal and financial
cristina sexto
Cristina Sexto
Tourism, financial and institutional
berenice font
Berenice Font
Transcreation and localization
for Latin America


These are some of the main brands for whom I have translated:


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    Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.

And this is what people have said about me and my work:



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Vigo (Pontevedra)


+34 658 534 220

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