About me

I’m passionate about translation and about anything to do with communication. I have been an English to Spanish freelance translator since 2003, working from my studio (or anywhere else with a good connection speed).


Although I’m devoted to my profession, I find time for my hobbies. Some are lifelong interests, such as books and movies; my life would have been much duller without Saramago and Billy Wilder. Others, I have acquired over the years, such as graphic novels, my infatuations and fallings out with McNulty and Don Draper, and I have recently grown interested in video games and anything that involves Fumito Ueda.


Before doing what I do now, I had already led quite an interesting life. I graduated from High School in the US, not missing of course the prom. I spent some time in Dublin, living with an adorable old woman, and I also worked as an au-pair in Belgium. Meanwhile, for 13 years, I pursued my passion for classical ballet and Spanish dance, another form of communication.


As my days are spent in front of a screen, I disconnect by taking walks in the park, meeting up with friends and drinking tea like there is no tomorrow. Why not come and join me for a cup?


Somebody once told me “You’re such a people person.” Ever since then I’ve believed this really describes my way of doing things.

I love gift wrapping. Before I begin I think about the person it is for, their likes, their needs. Then I thoroughly scour the web (and the real world) until I find the perfect gift wrap. Doing the research is essential, but to make sure the gift is a real success, personalizing the wrapping is crucial. It needs to express sentiments, so I take as much time as the task requires.


I then inspect it all, checking for imperfections: the paper with nice sharp creases, the adornments well attached… Once finished, I take a picture of the gift wrap for my file to record the person’s tastes and perhaps to do it even better next time. I then deliver it on the right date, hoping to see a big smile on the receiver’s face.


Gift wrapping is just a hobby, so imagine how meticulous my method is when it comes to my work.


Translators often translate texts from a particular field, but on many occasions we need to work in a combination of various specialized areas. Over my career I have worked with a wide variety of subjects, acquiring considerable expertise along the way. However, through my daily work and continuous learning, I have specialized in the translation and localization of:

advertising and marketing
technical texts
Technological texts
software localization

I also offer proofreading and editing services in Spanish and Galician,

as well as English to Spanish sworn translation.


These are some of the main brands for whom I have translated:



And this is what people have said about me and my work:



Please write to me with your requirements.

I’ll reply as soon as I can. Thank you!

Vigo (Pontevedra)

+34 658 534 220





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